About Tommy

Tommy is 16 years old and has a rare genetic visual disorder called achromatopsia.  What I do know is that achromatopsia will affect his vision in a number of different ways.  His most critically associated disabilities are poor visual acuity (20/200) and extreme light sensitivity (hemeralopia).  Achromatopsia also means Tommy’s world will be seen only in shades of gray.  His absolute colorblindness is the result of an absence of functioning cones (cells in the eye that provide acuity and color vision).

While Tommy is the true sentinel of his disability and is the only one who truly knows its effects, as his father, I am compelled to help him mature into a strong and competent individual throughout what will surely be a challenging yet unique life’s journey.  Thank you for generosity, time, and commitment by standing with Tommy as we raise awareness and money towards finding a cure.

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Tournament Specifics

  • • 7:30am Shotgun Start
  • • Tournament play will include a “scramble” format.
  • • Uniquely played holes and beverages throughout the course.
  • o Longest Drives & Closest to the pins
  • o Closest to the Cooler
  • o Billy Baroo, etc ...
  • • Lunch provided after the tournament.
  • • Prizes, raffle, gimmicks, complimentary beer, liquor, soda, water, and laughs throughout.

Fundraising Achievements (donated to Achroma Corp—250 Vogel Road, Butler, PA):
  • • 2022 total raised: $42,000
  • • 2021 total raised: $32,320
  • • 2020 total raised: $24,875
  • • 2019 total raised: $29,600
  • • 2018 total raised: $25,195
  • • 2017 total raised: $26,665
  • • 2016 total raised: $24,655
  • • 2015 total raised: $24,300
  • • 2014 total raised: $12,325
  • • 2013 total raised: $9,034

**This tournament is NOT sponsored by Achroma Corp.  Although Achrocma Corp is a 501(c)(3) charity, it is incorporated in, and currently registered with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Charitable Organizations; therefore it is only allowed to fundraise in PA.  ALL proceeds will be donated to Achroma Corp—the only non-profit dedicated to finding a cure for achromatopsia.  Please visit www.achromacorp.org for more info on achromatopsia.